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The six most important things a child should be taught about manners.

The six most important things a child should be taught about manners.

These years most of young childrens and teenagers has really poor manners. I think some parents should spend more time by  teaching their kids  good manners. I know that ,because I can see in school, bus, station how most of kids are behaving and showing their manners and it is not really GOOD.


Firstly parents should teach their kids how respect other or to show it that they are feel respect form them. Like teach you child how he has to talk with older peoples, or then they are calling an adult they should say ''Sir'' or ''Miss'' in that they children is showing respect. Another way is how he or she can show respect by holding the door for older or person who has full of stuffs in his hands and cant open it. We can teach our kids to stand up in bus or train if there are not any free spaces for older, pregnant or mum with her young child, won't that would be nice? 

Manner next to the table:

We should teach some manners next to the table as well. It doesn't meter if you are with your family, close friends, or guest next to the table phones HAS to be on silence mode or voice mail. If someone has important call you ''life or death choice'' say that you are really sorry but you have to answer it and try to go to another room and try to take  less time as possible. Or there are more manners next to the table like what about they can talk about and that they can't talk about or what they can do or can't ''like stick his finger in their nose''

How they should handle then they met person first time:

In some country when peoples met they kiss each others cheek one, twice or even three times ''that older peoples likes to do''. In other countrys they hug each other... But the best thing to do when you meet person first time is say hello by traditional hand shake with a smile on your face.

Being politeness:

Being polite is most important manners and parents have to teach it. Teach kid how to behave in some places or situations, like be quite or talk quietly in library, cinema or funeral, or when they can laugh or be quite. Teach to say ''Pleas'' when asking for something or say ''Thank you'' then they are receiving something as well.

Mind the language:

There will be a moment when someone swears, try do not swear next to younger children, because some of them might find it funny way and may start swearing peoples might find it really rude. If it happens try to explain that it is rude tu swear at others in nice way and at all they should't swear in any situations.

No interruptions:

Kids should not interrupt while someone is talking. Teach them that they should wait till someone stops talking and just then say something if they have to, or sometimes like in lessons they can say ''I disagree'' and say that they think. Because I would find it rude if someone will interrupt me I think others will find it rude as well so think about it as well.

Good manners are crucial to your children's social success.

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